Moder Jord.

Älskade Moder Jord, vad skulle du vilja säga till oss som lever här hos dig?

You have come to me to restore our faith, hope and Grand Beeing. You are very tired and so am I from time to time. You have given me a time to rest, a time to restore myself and for that I am forever greatful. You have just as I been through many battles and it has not weaken your spirit but instead strenghening it and your soul even more.
Through the turbulent times you have stayed your outmoust high without rest, and what you feel is your material matter-self that now is tired. Rest now my child. Rest and be restored and you shall awaken to a new dawn, a new beginning of a life of light and love.
You as a species have done greatly to aprove the life of the many, and now it is time to rest and let the seeds grow on there own. The water and the minerals will be provided by me, so rest my beloved child, rest... ❤️