Din dagligaMayakalender.

Jag vill från djupet av mitt hjärta tacka Maya för deras enorma kunskap, visdom och framför allt medvetandets utveckling genom evolutionen som de så fint delar med sig av. 

Genom deras kunskap har jag fått tillgång till inte bara en tid och plats, utan också en mening och ett syfte med min existens och som har knutit mig samman med Skapelsens "klocka".
Genom deras visdom har jag fått känna att jag har en fin och unik plats här på jorden..

Vårt samarbete kommer att vara för evigt, men tar nu en annan form.

Jag kommer låta hela Mayakalender fortsätta vara öppen då den innehåller så mycket visdom.
Klicka gärna på länkarna till vänster och botanisera runt oavsett vilken dag det är, och så har jag lagt den aktuella perioden och dagen här nedanför. 

The trecena of Kan- the life giving force.

The day-sign of the Serpent is an emblem of that life-giving vital force that flows through the clouds and in the human body. And if there is lightning in the sky, there is also lightning in the body. 

The energy symbolized by Chicchan is sometimes known to the contemporary Maya as koyopa. This word may refer to the sheet lightning we see playing over lakes and mountains on stormy nights, but from an esoteric point of view it refers to the “body lightning” or “lightning in the blood,” a powerful energy within the human body which may very well be identical to the Sanskrit kundalini. Both are connected with serpent imagery.

Yogic texts describe the kundalini as the “serpent power.” Bolts of lightning are regarded by the Maya as “sky serpents.” In fact, in the form of the language used during the Classic Period (200-800 CE), the word chan meant both “serpent” and “sky” or “heaven.”

If the koyopa is awake, the gods themselves may contact us directly, using the koyopa energy as a communicative medium between their world and ours. Anyone who undertakes the path of becoming a Maya priestess or priest will of course have a teacher, a “road guide.” Part of the training for such a sacred office consists of the awakening of the koyopa or lightning soul. The shamanic teacher or road guide is typically an expert diviner, healer, and dream interpreter, for the koyopa energy manifests itself powerfully in all these arts.

In times past, many of the village Maya regarded Chicchan as a somewhat dangerous day-sign, strongly associated with the arts of black magic. And yet its intense energy may also symbolize the more positive forces that we call magical; extremely high-ranking Mayan priests sometimes receive their most esoteric initiations on high-numbered Chicchan days.
It is sometimes said that Chicchan is the nawal of the creation of man and woman, and thus it is a most favorable day for sexual matters as well. This too is similar to the symbolism that pertains to the Sanskrit kundalini.

During this trecena we assert that vitality, clarity and understanding shall be made manifest right now. Because this day-sign has a connection with the inner fire or koyopa, it is also a time in which one may build both physical and spiritual strength.

Credit: Kenneth Johnson.

Credit: Mark Elmy

More than a calendar, the meaning of Time..

The Tzolk’in calendar is only one of many Mayan calendars and is refereed to as the Sacred Calendar of Creation. The calendar tracks the rhythm, flow and evolution of Human consciousness.
Ian Lungold defined consciousness as “our awareness of being aware.” Most of us experience this only during the significant experiences in our lives. The calendar offers an orientation of time and place to our own Human consciousness.
The Mayan calendars gained widespread interest with the prophecy that December 21, 2012 marked the end of the calendar. The date relates to a prophecy regarding the Evolution of mankind. On a calendar that tracks billions of years, we still reside in that “split second” of time.

The Trecena of Transformer/CIMI- A new breath of Life.

Jag är tacksam att Kaos kan bli vårt nya tecken på hopp och tro, och tron att vi går vidare till någonting bättre.
/Camilla ❤️

Greetings Beloved Kin,

In synchronicity with the Breath of the Solstice, Transformer/CIMI guides us through the Sacred Breath. The Sun stands still by our side as we enter the shortest day of Light Below, we receive the Highest Light from Above. Oxygen and Light are accelerants to Fire and Life, both holding the Power of Divine Purification. We will begin a New Life, WHITE as Snow. We're grownup now. We hold the Truth for our own Application of Wisdom on behalf of the New Born Seed. It's TIME to Live our Life standing on the Light that will claim our Truth from Above.

CIMI's (kee mee's) face of Death reminds us that something always dies as something new is born. Birth is an Experience of Divine Design. The old familiar dies for a Higher End. CIMI's Destiny is the "hand of comfort" as the Midwife that never leaves our side. Those born CIMI are destined to be the midwife and hospice nurse, the constant companion through major life transitions. CIMI is that Frequency of Comfort we FEEL when we KNOW the One Above is our ONLY HOPE. CIMI comes to us in "all matters of life and death." CIMI's there to see the future and remind us - we wanted something New. This is how it looks in the beginning. Something had to change. We may wish we could change our mind, when everything we had figured out is now upside down and out of order. THAT's the DIVINE SIGN for a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE. Give thanks for it, HOLD ON, and LEAN ON the Sacred Breath.

Cred: Debra, Jaguar Spirit.

Med all Kärlek ❤️


The Trecena of Reed/Ben – An altar of light.

It has been some "time" since we connected to the Maya timeframe. Now seems to be a good time to remind us what's to come.

Dear Beloved Kin,

An update on Time...

We're 9 months through the 10 wind/ik year - enough time for Humanity to see "enough" to know the big picture.

We have 3 months left to manifest the Highest Truth of Divine Authority... at the Spring Equinox, the First Light for Creation, before the New Year 03/31/2022. Next year is 11 Deer/MANIK - Vigilantly tuned to a channel of Higher Consciousness. Standing on the Truth of 10 Wind/IK. 13 CHICCHAN closes the 1st season - Reed/BEN - 2 channels of Light to the Truth that's Meant to Be.

In the Reed trecena we will be changed in a Divine Way - by 8 Sun/AHAU - the Zenith Light of the Sun, and 9 Crocodile/IMIX the Divine Mother. Together they Unite the Love of of our Life from the Alpha to the Omega. Guided by 11 Deer/MANIK - we'll Grow to Stand on the Truth of Light at the end.

13 CHICCHAN will ignite the fuse for the Mother's Compassionate Love. BEN's Highest Truth is the Promise of Answered Prayers.

On 3 Eagle/MEN, we'll be given the Light to see to the Next harvest - the Fall Equinox, the Creation that received its First Light at Christmas, it's 2nd Light of KNOWING that brings the Dream to Life, another Major Ascension, another Lion's Gate - flooded by the Light of a Higher Sun from the center of our galaxy. The memories of another Time are written within our Seed,

Our Truth will be more important than "what Humans think." NOTHING will be MORE important than "what Humans FEEL." Reed/BEN is the Light of a Savior - a Divine Grownup. The CHILDREN will guide us to stand on the Highest Truth of Answered Prayers.

Cred: Debra, Jaguar Spirit.

All with Love ❤️


För många av er som följde med på resan med Mayakalendern, kände liksom jag att den gav ett naturligt flöde till livet. Jag har valt att lägga upp den dagliga kalendern (även om den är på engelska) så att alla som vill, kan få fortsätta att känna flödet av att vara del av något mycket större.   ❤️